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Feb 2011… already?

Posted in Game Night on February 9, 2011 by gryphonforge

Holy Time Machine Batman… i can’t believe it’s February 2011!!!

And I’m slacking again on the Game Night edition of the blog. So to kickoff the year and get the ball rolling we’ll start with short recap of the games played and a preview of what is coming up.

  • This week – nuthin (everybody was busy)
  • Last week – Dominion w/ all expansion sets
    • We got in 2 matches but I just couldn’t get the right mix of cards to drop.
  • 3 weeks ago – Wiz War!! This was a blast from the past. We had 6 people playing which was really fun. A few classic moments:
    • Matt, seeing that his treasures are in easy reach from both sides, moves his entire section of the board essentially stranding me on a single board cut off from everyone. Then teleports me across the entire game board. There is no quick way back.
    • Matt and Peter casting Slow Death and Reflection at each other early in the game. They both can see their fate coming fast.
    • EricN grabbing the early lead, dropping one treasure off and picking up a second. He is one turn away from winning with that “nuthin can stop me now” look in his eyes. I know he’s got some kind of defensive card like a reflection or shield. But hey, I’m loaded for bear and use my last number card to get within LOS. Then BAM, the ever so enjoyable combo of Sudden Death + Amplify. 20 points!! Then EricN throws out the Full Reflection thinking he’s still got it in the bag. But no, I pull out the Absorb, take his Full Reflection and watch the realization hit him that he’s dead.
    • But alas, no one is really paying attention to EricD and he quietly picks up and drops the 2nd treasure on his base. Game over. Good Play!

So what is up next? A long standing tradition that EricN started hosting… our anual Magic (MTG) tournament. Once a year around New Year’s the 5 core members of the gaming group get together for a sealed deck fight to the death slugfest. We start early afternoon and try to get 5 or 6 games in with points awarded for each match. The person with the most points at the end of the day wins the coveted trophy (we actually have a custom made trophy) that the winner gets to keep for the entire year along with bragging rights. I had the elustrious honor of being the 1st champion. But, alas, it has evaded me every year since. Even worse, Matt has won the last 2 years and is taunting everyone that he will have a Hat Trick when he wins again. I can assure you that ain’t gonna happen 🙂

Look for an update on the outcome of the tournament and I’ll post a picure of the trophy sitting on my desk back in it’s rightful home – heh heh.

until next time…



Repost: Game Night 2-16 – Triple Human!

Posted in Game Night on November 12, 2010 by gryphonforge

<Another repost to get the Game Night segment going>

This is a classic example of how Matt, Eric, and I (and a small group of friends) spend our Monday nights. After grueling away at our day jobs (SW Dev and Civil Service) we all look forward to hitting the local brew pubs, slogging away some good beer (Black Butte Porter anyone!) and getting in a few hours of gaming. This was one of 1st posts on a classic moment. Enjoy!


For those that may not know, the gang here typically meets Monday evenings after work for dinner (usually consisting of Hot Wings and Beer) and a night of gaming. The turnout typically ranges 4-6 players on any given Monday. We usually get one or two games in depending upon what we decide to play. Games vary from old standby’s like Settlers, Arkham Horror, MTG, or of course Wizard’s Gambit… to anything new that we feel like trying out. Not only does this help keep the gaming juices running, but it is just plain fun for us to all get togther to BS and let off some steam.
We thought it would be interesting to give some insights into the playing styles and excitement that keeps us all energized in this business.
A few weeks ago, BattleStar Galactica came to the table. We had all been really curious about playing this and finally had our chance. The 1st go round was pretty much learning the rules and intracacies of the game… with the outcome being accuzations of “He’s a Cylon!” being thrown out randomly at people in the weeks that followed. The funnest moments were when Matt, playing Baltar, and EricN playing the President were both uncovered as Cylon’s, yet refused to help each other leaving Baltar stuck in the Brigg most of the final part of the game.
This week, BSG was back on the table. And Matt, as typical, chose to play Baltar again. In the end, the Cylons won again. Mostly due to myself being the Admiral (and a Cylon) and EricN (the President by default, also a cylon) slowly and subtley draining our resources. Everyone focused on Matt (as Baltar again) being the cylon, especially after he received his 3rd loyalty card. The classic moment came at the end of the game with Matt fighting back against the allegations of being a cylon and throwing is loyalty cards on the table and yelling “I was triple human bitches!!”. Baring teeth
another classic moment….